Jewels of Wellness Membership

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Every change that's needed requires the right mindset. Whether it's setting wellness goals, financial management, how to engage in healthy relationships to emotional and mental wellness, Jewels of Wellness is an online community that addresses the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and the mindset that is needed to go the next level of thinking, BEFORE you get there. We are taking a look at our health and wellness through a different lens. The benefits of joining our community:
  • Understand the spirit, soul, body connection while providing you the tools that you need to develop your individualized Wellness Plan. 
  • Featured guest speakers on our Holistic Life Podcast, practical tips and strategies for Total Body Wellness
  • Life Key Resources for Business, Life & Ministry
  • Monthly subscription box add-on at a discounted rate
  • Monthly Coaching and Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Accountability, Responsibility, and Commitment through Community
Other benefits include:
  • VIP Access to all webinars, trainings & product launches
  • Lifetime access to all trainings
  • Founding Member rate as long as you stay an active member
I have successfully implemented these same strategies in many areas of my own life and in the lives of those that I coach. I want to teach you to do the same! True transformation happens one thought at a time, and Jewels of Wellness has positioned itself to help you go from stuck, to start, to finish. This is a safe, nonjudgment zone where you will be free to go through the process of change and stay committed to the Wholeness process. This space will provide REAL WORLD feedback that will help shape the direction of the community. If this sounds like your type of community, I invite you to become a FOUNDING MEMBER today for only $19/month! This price WILL GO UP on June 1st. 

Send me a direct message if you want to secure your FOUNDING MEMBER SEAT. I am looking forward to capturing your stories of progress and all of your wins! LET'S GO Jewels of Wellness Community!

Coach Shelby